Common Yard Tasks You Should Know How To Do

Mulch applied properly

Now is the time to rake your lawn and remove leaves, sticks and other debris. Heavy accumulation of the above will smother the lawn and create bare areas, which could result in an overseeding program. Always cleanup your lawn before you start your spring fertilization program. Does your lawn have a matted down look in some areas? If so, you probably have a turf fungus called ‘snow mold’. Just rake these matted areas. This will help the turf recover from this ‘snow mold’ damage.

In the spring, the lawn will need a fertilizer to stimulate an early green up. As soon as possible (early March in this area) apply a fertilizer with crabgrass preventer (pre-emergence weed killer). This special formulation will not only give your lawn the food it needs, but prevents crabgrass from growing throughout the summer months.

Expert in Landscaping and Lawn CareWith spring already here in some parts of the state, it’s time to start mowing. You should begin mowing once the grass plants start to grow and reach about 3.0 to 3.5 inches tall. This normally happens well before most of us start mowing because we see mostly brown leaf blades and we don’t think the lawn is growing. However, grass plants grow from the bottom up where the new green leaf material elongates near the soil, pushing the older brown leaf material up into view. The first mowing generally will remove almost all of the old brown leaves revealing a nice green lawn below. Though none of us want to do it, it’s better to start mowing your lawn too early than too late. Remember to sharpen the mower blades.


Thin and bare areas in your lawn can be seeded, but remember to skip these seeded areas with the fertilizer/crabgrass formulation. To reseed bad areas of your lawn, loosen the soil, rake the area smooth, spread good quality seed with fertilizer (without crabgrass preventer), apply a light mulch and water lightly. Keep moist until new grass is well established.

Mulching your landscape beds around the house and trees keeps the soil moist to
mulch installation done properlythe roots of the plants and discourages the growth of weeds. Mulch is available in different colors and in different materials, such as hardwood oak and cypress. The most popular mulch is hardwood, second is cypress.  Many people like having mulch applied in the spring after a spring clean up happens.  This will keep your yard looking great throughout the green season of the year.  On the image to the right, you can see workers unloading a truck and putting the fresh mulch into a wheelbarrow to take it to the appropriate location on a homeowners lard or in this case a commercial property.  Many homeowners choose to do this themselves, and just have the mulch delivered to their driveway.  Others like to have the whole job done completely.


Moles can be destructive pest in lawns and gardens!!!! We tend to make these areas attractive to moles by amending the soil which makes it easier for the moles to dig. During their burrowing activities, they produce mounds and ridges that disfigure the lawn. The most dependable way to control moles is by trapping. The harpoon type trap is most easily available and can be quite successful if placed correctly. After trapping the moles, tamp down all visible tunnels and burrows. A vacant tunnel is an invitation for the next mole passing through the lawn. Good Luck!

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